$25 =$1 per child for 1 week’s food.
$5 =kerosene fuel, for kitchen stoves.
$100 =education supplies 1semester.
$250 =new mattresses and blankets
$1,000 = laptop and portable modem
for children to learn technology, typing, etc

Sale of Groodle Puppies aids Scholarships

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2020 Annual Fundraising Luncheon – WHERE: The Gap Uniting Church, 1050 Waterworks Road, THE GAP. DATE (Watch this space)


If you would like to contribute to our Children’s Home or the Tax Deductible Scholarships Program, please go to “You Can Help” page and download a Donation Slip.

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East Timor is one of Australia’s closest neighbours.

It is a nation which has faced decades of oppression and violence and continues to be on the list of least developed nations in the world.

At most risk are the children.

Timor Children’s Foundation was established as a compassionate response to the needs of disadvantaged children in East Timor.

A specific focus has been providing assistance to orphans. There are over 40 children’s homes in East Timor. Children are often placed in these facilities because their families are too poor to look after them.

The Timor Children’s Foundation currently has a number of projects in East Timor that are supported by generous donations from our various supporters.

Some projects  are tax deductible and others  non-deductible.

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