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Groodles Australia

A large amount of the funds raised for Timor Children’s Foundation comes from the sale of groodle puppies from the  Groodles Australia  program overseen by Greater Springfield Veterinary owned by Jeannet Kessels.  Jeannet’s father Arie van Klinken (who sadly passed away in 2015) was instrumental in the origins of this.

The Scholarships Project was started in 1990.  It began with the late Mr Arie van Klinken’s vision to support one student to complete their studies and has expanded to support almost 300 students in 2017.  Whilst Jeannet was looking for a way to raise funds to help with her father’s cause, the scheme to breed and sell puppies utilising families to raise the puppies until old enough to sell was born.

Some puppies have gone to important people. One such person is the Queensland Premier who has helped the cause by purchasing her latest puppy through Groodles Australia. (see story and picture below)


Meet Queensland’s new First Puppy.

After the sudden death of her dog Zep late last year, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has welcomed a new pup into her home.

This adorable groodle – a cross between a poodle and a golden retriever – is the offspring from a charity program called Groodles Australia.

The Premier said she had named her puppy Winton after the “beautiful, little western town”.   As Queensland Premier, you’ve got to have a Queensland name for the dog,” she said.

“Zep used to walk with me all the time everywhere and as soon as Winton gets a little bit bigger, he’ll be going on the regular walks.”

The Greater Springfield Veterinary facilitates the breeding of the puppies and they are raised by families in the community before they are sold via Groodles Australia.

Proceeds from the program are donated to the Timor Children’s Foundation and Beyond Blue.

Ms Palaszczuk decided to buy her new canine companion when her dentist and Timor Children’s Foundation co-director Malcolm Campbell told her about the fundraising effort.

“I thought what a great cause and because the dog is crossed with a poodle, I said I’m more than interested,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

Springfield veterinarian and Groodles Australia director Jeannet Kessels said the program had donated nearly $300,000 to charity. ($240,000 of that to Timor Children’s Foundation.) 


From the sale of Winton’s brothers and sisters $15,500 has been given to fund the new Timor Children’s Foundation Dental Program.  Thank you Groodles Australia and the wonderful Groodles Australia guardian families who raise these puppies to selling age.

Premier Annastascia Palaszczuk and Winton the groodle


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