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 TCF Dental Project Appeal      

Aim of the Project Using state of the art, light-weight, portable dental equipment our goal is to provide dental care for the children of Samaria Children’s home in Dili and then as resources permit extend care other children and adults in need of Dental Care.

Background Conventional dental surgeries are expensive to establish and maintain when compared to mobile dental clinics. Lightweight, modern, portable dental equipment is less expensive and can be transported to many different locations in the back of a car and set up in any room or treatment facility. This sort of equipment and mode of treatment delivery is employed throughout Australia and around the world to provide treatment alternatives to people who are unable to access conventional dental surgeries. In 2013 a dental team first visited Samaria Children’s home to survey the oral health status of the orphans in the home. Only one child showed any evidence of any rudimentary dental treatment. All of the remaining children required professional dental treatment and there was no way to easily access it.

In 2015 the first dental treatment clinic was run at Samaria Children’s Home. In 2016 working in association with The Glebe Rd Uniting Church, assessments were commenced at the Marcelo 2 school in Dili. In 2017, as well as continuing the work at Samaria and The Marcelo 2 school the first regional trip was made to the community of Lospalos.

The projected commenced with 1 dentist visiting and has grown to two teams travelling in 2018 including 4 Dentists, two Oral Surgeons and 9 other support people. All volunteers donate their own time and money to travel and stay in East Timor.

What can you do? As capacity increases so too does our need for equipment and material resources. We need your donations – big and small, individuals and groups, small and large businesses.  Required for such a project are major equipment like the Portable Dental Treatment Unit, Portable Sterilizer, X-ray unit, Portable Chair. Also we need the small equipment and tools like Dental Handpieces, Syringes, dental hand instruments, forceps etc. As well as this we need the consumables like filling materials, anesthetics, and other medicaments. We also need to transport all these items to East Timor and store them ready for the dental teams. Every dollar donated will directly benefit the Children. All treatment is provided by people who freely donate their time and travel costs. Money donated to the TCF Dental Equipment Appeal will be spent on acquiring the necessary equipment. Here’s how you can help.

Buy a big Ticket Item – 

Buy an Instrument

Why not sponsor One Child’s Treatment  –  $350     (One child sponsored)

Become a Timor Tooth Fairy  –  $100.

Become a Gold sponsor  –  $1,000.

Or simply donate as you feel moved.

Order and Buy East Timor Coffee

Wild TimoR Coffee Co. is a major supporter of The Timor Children’s foundation Dental Project. Supplying coffee directly from the Aileu District in East Timor – the ‘wild’ coffee that grows in the mountain regions of Maubisse and Aileu is thriving. Local growers harvest the coffee independently, receive a fair and equitable price for their product and support their local community.

Coffee Prices –

*Add $8.00 per order for postage.

Order via Email –


*** How to Donate: All funds donated to this appeal are non-tax deductible.

Please email   with your name and the date and  amount of donation so that we can accurately process. If you require a receipt please include details of your postal address and one will be issued in due course. For more information please contact:

John Ruhle, TCF Executive Committee Chair –

Dr Malcolm Campbell, Co-director TCF and Dentist. –

To read an Article published in The University of Queensland’s Contact Magazine –

To watch a TCF video from 2015–  click here

CLICK Dental Report to read the report on the trip to Timor and Dental treatment on our Samaria Children and see HOW YOUR DONATIONS HAVE BEEN USED.

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