Who are we

“Do all the good you can by all the means you can”. John Wesley

Timor Children’s Foundation (A Company Limited by Guarantee not having a Share Capital) is a not for profit, non-denominational, group that was set up in 2002, with the goal of helping “disadvantaged children in East Timor”. We have adopted as our motto a quote from the 18th century English reformer, John Wesley – “Do all the good you can by all the means you can.”

Bob Mitchell, the founder of Timor Children’s Foundation, went to East Timor in 2002, and was deeply affected by the poverty and struggle of the East Timorese people. This led him to set up Timor Children’s Foundation as a trustee for the Timor Children’s Foundation Overseas Aid Fund. Lives were changed as funds were quickly raised and projects developed to support the disadvantaged.

In 2010, East Timor continues to struggle with poverty and it is listed as one of the 33 Least Developed Nations in the world. The civil unrest that has been a prominent part of this country’s history in recent years, has contributed to large numbers of children being disadvantaged – being either orphaned or so poor that their families are unable to care for them.

In 2007, the Scholarship Fund, chaired by Mr Arie van Klinken, amalgamated with the Timor Children’s Foundation. The scholarships program is now a major project.

The Timor Children’s Foundation Overseas Aid Fund is a member organisation of World Relief. World Relief auspices the activities of many smaller aid and development funds which operate from a Christian perspective. It provides invaluable resources to support and better inform our development of projects.

Current Executive:

All are volunteers. We have no paid staff.

Timor Children’s Foundation  ACN 14 102 265 994

Timor Children’s Foundation Overseas Aid Fund ABN 98 644 787 314

Postal Address: PO Box 405, THE GAP  QLD  4061


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